God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 74 -


Having received this lesson, the known Abedam was quite contented, prostrated himself before the high Abedam and thanked Him with all the ardor of his heart, then stood up and walked back to his former place.
And soon the high Abedam looked again at Oalim and said to him and thus also to all the other patriarchs:
"Now listen you, My beloved Oalim, and let everyone take good heed of what I shall say to you here!
"For this is a most important matter; grasp it well in your hearts!
"Although you, who see Me with your eyes and hear Me with your ears, now no longer need this, there will yet be many after you for whom it will be a dire necessity if they want to know Me and faithfully and actively hold fast to Me in their hearts.
"But those with whom this teaching is neglected, will lose Me from all their inner senses and will instead make for themselves gods out of crude matter and worship them in My stead; and same will even do what Lamech is doing in the lowlands.
"Therefore, do pay attention and adhere to the following great, holy precept!
"But now I will teach you this through Oalim's vision:
"Behold and listen you and all you others! All that a man knows who has neither seen nor heard Me, as you are doing now, he has heard from his immediate ancestors.
"Until now this was the case with you, since apart from Adam and Eve no one had ever seen or heard Me - except through the mouth of Adam and Eve who had seen and heard Me, and some contemporaries of Abel who had perceived My voice through My angel
"Just as you have fared up till now, also your descendants will fare who will only actively come to know Me through your mouth, yet shall do so particularly through your hearts.
"What kind of proofs of My presence can you possibly give to your children unless I can, may and do show Myself to them, too, as I am now doing to you?
"You can do nothing else but tell them often enough that, although I am present everywhere invisibly, I am yet really dwelling somewhere above all the stars in an endless Height of heights or Depth of depths, and that you have seen Me in person.
"But will your children also be able to give their children such a precept of Me since they were no witnesses of My visible presence?
"Behold, if they were to teach them pretending to have been witnesses, they would have to blush for shame and their children would soon find out that their parents had told them a lie.
"Therefore, they must of necessity name only you as witnesses of My presence, - and so forth to children and their children, and so forth.
"If in this way the witnesses keep growing older and older and will for a long, long time no longer be present, the later descendants even doubting the existence of the erstwhile witnesses, say, how will then matters stand with My teaching?
"Will not, finally, even the authenticity of the same, including your existence, be doubted?
"And what will these people do when no one will any longer be able to establish a valid and tenable proof of the authenticity of this My present teaching?
"I tell you, soon every man of some influence will then create his own natural god honoring him with his main passions and will, finally, force his brothers through violence to worship this his god and to sacrifice to him.
"However, once this happens, through such idolatry everything will sink into the darkest night of perdition and of eternal death and I shall be forced to judge with fiery swords and flaming scourges the world which has sunk into death so as to strengthen it to receive a different kind of judgment. And out of thousands hardly one will attain to freedom, or - in other words - thousands will then hardly have the free life of an individual, and their dwelling place will be called 'matter'.
"But I think you now know enough to understand that all the teaching from mouth to mouth is of no benefit, likewise that from heart to heart, unless it is in the most active way verified through an inner holy witness.
"Yes, truly I tell you, no matter how true, good and beautiful the teaching as such may be, it is nevertheless useless for anything if it depends alone on the faith, which has as its foundation nothing but only the stale tradition and for a witness for the authenticity of the teaching the blindness of the heart.
"You have already become excessively weak although all your original teachers are still alive; what, then, will happen to those who will be fighting blindly questioning your present existence?
"Therefore, I tell you once more that no teaching is of any benefit unless its tenets can be found realized through My living testimony in every human heart!
"In Oalim you have a living example of this active testimony. Thus it has also to be understood that you teach My name and My primordial-eternal grace, holiness and most loving nature to your children verbally in the manner shown to you sufficiently by Me. Only do not stop with the teaching alone, but take the utmost care that with them this teaching is soon followed by the complete, living deed, and you can be assured that everyone accepting this teaching earnestly and actively for his person will soon discover within the great, living, holy testimony of Oalim which with great luminosity will bear witness to the living authenticity of this My Word now directed to you all. (Compare John 7, 17; the ed.)
"Behold, Oalim found in the third germ-heart after it had formed itself into a man, another solar heart and in this heart finally Me, just as you find the warming image of the sun in every dewdrop; and this My image within him spoke in him like I do, and its word showed him Me as the eternal, holy Father in the sublimity of My infinitely holy divinity.
"This inner man of Oalim made already to unite with his outer substantial man, and partly even with the outer material man of the same; however, for this Oalim was not mature enough as yet.
"You shall not learn about all this until you are fully matured, but then for all eternity.
"Therefore, act and teach your descendants accordingly, and you win hand down to them a lasting testimony of the authenticity of this My teaching, and this testimony will be their reward for taking these words actively to heart, for all Times of times.
"Whoever will find this testimony within him, has already received from Me eternal life, which will not ever be taken from him in eternity.
"Behold, all this is comprised in the true vision of Oalim; however, what still remains to be comprehended and well heeded, the visions of the ones following shall indicate to you, and so to this end let us also listen to Thuarim! Amen."