God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 76 -


When Thuarim, having finished his narrative, began to weep out of great remorse for his supposed great sin committed against Me, I, the high Abedam, seized his hand and said to him:
"Listen and understand, you My Thuarim: What you did in your vision is as little a sin on your part as it would be an offence for a rock falling from a mountain in case it did some damage through its mighty fall.
Therefore, you can and may be reassured; for your vision has a different meaning, and the words which you heard within you do not by any means concern only you, for everything has a universal meaning, the words being valid for everyone.
"You were called by Me only to behold this in spirit within you, but not for the purpose of committing an offence against Me.
"However, for this vision to be of some benefit for all posterity, listen and comprehend all of you what this vision means! And this is its meaning:
"Your outer attempt to view yourself with your physical eyes inwardly represents the foolish effort of the worldly intellect as it attempts to fathom spiritual things, whereas it is comprised of only material concepts, that is, it is nothing but a receptor organ of the soul, through which the same gains an understanding of the outer world.
"Being only that, how should it be capable of viewing the spiritual and grasping it within in its essence?
The fiery circles, however, which caused your eyes to turn in all directions, signify the so-called witty sparks of your worldly intellect, but they are of as little benefit for its spiritual vision as are the fiery circles for the physical eyes, - in other words, it is thereby not rendered keener and sounder than the physical eye is through such straining and pinching.
"Behold, this is the beginning of your vision and does not concern you in this your inner condition, but the whole world, to which I am now giving you for a prophet in the manner you have experienced on and within you.
"This made you angry, first, when I told you all to contemplate your innermost, and then when you made your futile attempts.
"Behold, also this anger was no longer a natural anger, but it overcame you to indicate the pride of the worldly intellect which does not ever want to be imprisoned in the truth, but free and despite the absence of all light a ruler imagining himself only happy when from all sides his stupidity is done homage and calm only when, condescendingly, he subdues his brothers with mockery and scorn.
"Look, also this no longer concerns you; for I made you a prophet because you had no sin in your heart.
"All this is the meaning of your vision up to the moment when you began to sink into the sand. What, then, does your condition signify as you were buried in the darkness of the sand, which made you sink deeper and deeper and have breathing difficulties and when you asked for help which, however, did not come?
"Look, here your inner explanation already begins to work and to shine.
The sand signifies all the knowledge once it begins to imprison the soul's heart completely, which thereby then falls into great fear and confusion owing to the pressure and the darkness, - all that the intellect inflicts on the poor heart.
"At that point the heart puts up a fight as best it can and, pushing the sand away from the mouth, creates a little breathing space and longs ardently for salvation.
"But the super-abundant worldly intellect no longer lets itself be deprived of its right and chokes the heart even more and more with sand.
"But as the heart then becomes impatient and begins to despair, the intellect, realizing that it cannot possibly win against it, finally allows it to sink into the mud of those desires which it had instilled into the heart long ago.
"Only then does the heart realize the full shortcomings and the sheer baseness with which the worldly intellect has enriched it.
"Then the heart begins to rebel against the deceptive intellect and becomes enraged within. Remember the glowing chaos pit!
"However, since this parting moment is extremely bitter- both on the part of the heart and no less on the part of the worldly intellect - the heart consequently falls into the greatest raving, being now devoid of all light, like the intellect, which without the heart is devoid of all warmth and fuel for its spurious light.
"Behold, this is when you began to rail against Me in the heart and to curse in the intellect.
"Yet I tell you that I never consider the works of the intellect if it is not prompted by the heart.
"Over the heart I then soon pour out My healing light of love so that the ailing heart returning home to Me be healed for eternal life, as you clearly perceived through the inner voice.
"But all this, too, is no concern of yours; for thereby I make you a prophet who shall henceforth bear witness against all the world and its wisdom. So be calm and no longer afraid; for I have called this forth in you so that you shall witness at all times out of Me against all foolishness of the world! Amen."