God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 82 -


After this active demonstration of Horedon's vision and his few words concerning it Abedam asked Horedon, saying:
"Horedon, since your inner vision has thus been truly made known, I ask you and all the others, what this vision really tells us; what is its meaning?
"A great part of it has already been clearly revealed by Rudomin; therefore, it should no longer be so difficult for you to add this explanatory supplement out of your light received within. So, whoever has courage and wisdom, let him step forward and speak!"
When they heard this request by Abedam, they all began to entreat Him to do Himself in His great mercy that which He demanded of them. Although they knew that no one speaking in His name was capable of telling an untruth, nevertheless such a word, uttered by another unworthy mouth, would no longer be as powerful, mighty and full of life as if the very same word had issued lovingly from the holy Father's mouth.
Upon this request Abedam again began to speak, saying: O children, how much foolishness is still hidden in your hearts! What did Horedon just now do through My Word laid into him, when owing to the night and its harsh darkness he could not find Me?
"Behold, he uttered, fully trusting in Me, the word that I had given him, and the high walls of the white mountain were split and the glowing embers in the depth of this mountain were instantly ablaze throughout the widened fissures and clefts.
"Since you have here visible proof of the power and might of My Word, even though spoken by a child's mouth, say, how can you declare My Word to be of less power as soon as it is used by you?
"And when is the father more of a father, when he calls himself one or when he is called father by his children?
"Or he who would say of himself: 'I am a father!', yet had no children who recognized and called him father, or someone who came home and the children rushed up to him calling and saying: 'O father, father, father, O you dear father!'
"Tell Me: Which of these two fathers is here more father?
"You say it in your hearts: 'He whom his children call father.'
"So you see, you who are still very foolish, that since the father addressed by his children as father is more of a father than the one who only calls himself one, the word 'father' from the mouth of the children is certainly worth more and is stronger and mightier than that from the mouth of the father himself!
"Or when are you more edified and pleased by the word, - when you call yourselves 'father' before your children, or when your children call you this, happy and full of the most tender love and complete trust?
"Since already you perceive in this an immense difference, - what do you think: Am I maybe less of a Father than you are?
"O you who are still very foolish, do you still fail to realize that, by virtue of the freedom given you for all Eternities of eternities, I want and wish for you at all times only the most powerful and very best?
"Since you cannot possibly ever refute this in your hearts, of what benefit should be your excuse?
"Therefore, Horedon, tell us at least in a few words what you were all called to do; but all you others engrave the following words deeply into your hearts! Amen."
And Horedon promptly began the following very noteworthy speech to all in My name:
"Dear fathers, brothers and children, I am called upon to show what infinite greatness it entails to be a child of the great, almighty, eternal God, on the grounds of Rudomin's vision and my own, at the same time clearly realizing our own self-incurred nothingness; in short, this is the set task.
"However, I reckon it is already solved before us all, so that I have again nothing else to do but draw my and your attention to the words just uttered by the most holy Father Himself, namely, that the Father is more of a father in the mouth of the children than in his own.
"Behold, it is there that the endlessly supreme dignity and greatness of our sonship lies, namely, that the infinite, eternal God calls Himself first a Father within us and only then becomes our true Father in the most sublime love if we recognize Him as such and call Him as such in all love.
"If even the infinite God wishes to be manifested completely in us as the Father, say, is there anything more sublime man could imagine?
"What does it matter if we could blow away with the merest whiff the whole of creation and with one thought ignite all the mountains? Truly nothing compared with our being able to say to Him in all love and truth: 'Dear, holy Father!'
"For He, Who is essentially God, the Infinite from eternity, is by virtue of His endless love, Father in us, as we are children in Him.
"Of course, He is what He is, through Himself, - .. but we are in eternity nothing out of ourselves, but everything out of, and through, Him.
"Hence, this is our greatness endlessly, that we are His children and He is the Father of all of us!
"And this is the complete and whole meaning of my vision in His name! Amen."