God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 83 -


After the most noteworthy words of Horedon, which he had spoken out of Me, I, as the high Abedam, commended Horedon, saying:
"Horedon, verily, I tell you, you have become for Me a capable tool! Behold, what many have been seeking without finding it, you have now loudly proclaimed to all, inspired by Me, as faithfully and truly as I, the primordial source of all faithfulness and truth, have given it to you.
"For this I commend you and tell you that you have attained to this true sonship, which you have restored through Me to all who have long since failed to recognize it in this depth and are no longer able to recognize and find it by themselves, for all Eternities of eternities, and no earthly power will be able to wrest it from you; for the power which dwells within the true children is greater than all the powers of the world and the universe and all their forms and beings
"Just as Horedon has now received the sonship, in the same manner I also give it to you all; for verily, there is in heaven as on earth nothing greater, mightier and more sublime than My children. Hence, whoever has the sonship, has more than all the heavens comprise; verily, he has infinitely more!
"For he has Me, God, the eternal, infinite, indeed the above all supreme God full of might, strength and holiness, as the most loving, alone true Father within him and is, therefore, completely in Me, namely, in all My perfection, which is My infinite love, mercy, wisdom and power.
"Behold therefore, this is the sonship and this sonship I am now giving to you!
"O children, would you now be capable of taking still anything greater from Me?
O verily, I tell you, you cannot ever; for My children are more than the angels of heaven!
O children, if you were My brothers, you would be much less than what you are as My dear children; for where is the father who would rather have his brother near him than his son?
"Or does the brother, too, receive an inheritance from his brother when he takes a wife?
"Since even you hold your children in higher esteem than your brothers, also I, as the truest and most perfect Father, must know how much My children are worth.
"You give to your children only your hands' toil for a dowry; but I give you My all, which is My love or My essential, primordial-eternal life itself in perfection.
"Now you know in reality within you what it means to be My children, - but one thing is still lacking with you, and this is for you to learn who those are who are granted the sonship by, and out of, Me.
"Behold, it is of the utmost importance to learn this; for truly, not all are My children who call to Me and say: 'Dear, holy Father, hear us, Your children!', while all the time their hearts remain cold, just as if they had mentioned the most trivial matter, their trust being in accordance with their hearts.
"This kind of children, destined to be such, neither want to be, nor are, true children. They are only intent on My might and strength wherewith through all sorts of power games to while the time away, no matter whether the results of their wantonness are bad or good.
"But I tell you: Such children are still as far from the true sonship as one end of heaven is from the other; indeed, there is still an endless chasm between them and My true children!
"Still others extend their concept of sonship so far as to look upon themselves and all beings as My children.
"It should be unnecessary to explain to you in detail that these labor under an even greater misapprehension than the aforementioned, since you know by now what My children are in the spirit of love and all truth out of it.
"You, as true children, shall only recognize one fact, mainly, that there is a great difference between those who recognize a God and Creator, and those whose heart soon seizes God, full of ardent love, never letting go of Him and from then on only seeking to seize God more and more lovingly.
"The former when they recognize God will say: 'God, You almighty, great, holy, sublime Creator, how great and majestic are Your works; therefore, we will always praise, glorify and eulogize You above all!'
"But the latter say: 'O God, how full of love You must be, for despite Your endless majesty and holiness we cannot help loving You above all.
"'Oh, how good You must be, since our love draws us to You so mightily!'
"Behold here the former, marveling at their recognized God, whereas the latter dissolve in tears for ardent love as soon as something reminds them of Me, in their presentiment that behind their good God there is a most loving Father!
"Can you see here the mighty difference?
"See, the first kind is only comprised of servants who work for a reward, but the second kind of children who want nothing else but the Father.
"Behold, this is the great difference showing you how the true children must excel, wherein the true sonship consists, and who will attain to it!
"To enable you to grasp this in even greater depth, let us also listen to what Jorias in this regard has seen in his vision and only then ignite a brighter light in your hearts concerning this most important matter.
"So come to Me, Jorias, and fulfill the will of your holy and most loving Father! Amen."