God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 88 -


When Jorias had finished this glowing speech, Abedam promptly seized him and, drawing him to His holy bosom, blessed him and said:
"My beloved Jorias, you have truly and well rendered in accordance with My will what I demanded of you, because you were, and still are, through and through aglow with the love for Me and only out of Me for all your fathers, brothers, children, mothers, wives and daughters.
"But in your spirit you are not yet mature enough to remain in this ardor permanently; for behold, because I am now walking among you, all of you are, where your spirit is concerned, merely prematurely ripe fruits on the tree of life needing a great aftermaturing, - otherwise everyone of you would soon consume himself in the excess of his love and then die forever.
"So as to dampen your ardor somewhat, I will give you a wife since you are still single and barely over a hundred years old. Only through the wife will you prove and gradually consolidate yourself for such a permanent ardor of the mightiest love for Me; for the time has not yet come when man will also without a wife enter into the most perfect union with Me. Thus, it is at present still necessary for everyone to take a wife so as to become again fully at one before Me through the wife, through whom he became separated from himself and, consequently, from Me.
"For, just as Eve went forth from Adam, every man's wife must again become fully at one with him and he become at one in himself through the reunion with the wife.
"Only when he stands again before Me as one man, can he again fully unite with Me; but while he is still split, he is not permanently capable of the highest love out of, and again for, Me.
"Your wisdom has already taught you that without an opposite nothing is possible; behold, this is right!
"Woman was given to man as an opposite; therefore, unless a man becomes at one with his opposite beforehand, he cannot become in himself an opposite to Me.
"As long as he does not become this, he is completely in line with Me; yet, being this, he is not capable of receiving but, like Me, always only giving of himself.
"This is, indeed, the great difference between the Father and the child, that the Father deals out, whereas the children receive, thereby being at one with the Father as His opposites.
"However, if the children should not want to accept anything, placing themselves in line with the Father in order to deal out, like Him, tell Me: Who will then be the receiving opposite?
"If this is lacking, what will become of the children as time goes by? I tell you, they would deplete their substance to the last drop of their being, and the Father would have to cease forever His giving thereby forming His own opposite within Him so that He could remain what He was in Himself from eternity; an eternal, mighty God, completely sufficient unto Himself!
"You are now standing on the same line with Me and are as yet to Me no opposite, but on the same footing; therefore, you need a wife so as to become a complete opposite to Me and I thereby completely a Father to you.
"You are now asking in your heart: 'Where, then, is the wife I am supposed to take?'
"Behold, she is already here! Her name is Besela and the poor Pariholi is her father; behold, this is the one I have destined to be your wife.
"And you, Besela, come closer to Me and do not fear the man whom I shall now give to you; for he will carry you on his hands, and his heart will be your permanent dwelling-place and, as you will be one with him you will also be one with Me, in him and through him. Amen."
With these words Abedam bent down to Besela and, taking her onto His left arm, pressed her to His heart, blessed her and then said to her:
"Now, you very beautiful Besela, beautiful in spirit and in body, unveil yourself before him to whom you belong from now on, so that he may see what a wife I have bestowed on him on account of his mighty love for Me"
And the barely thirty-year-old Besela pushed aside her somewhat darkish blond hair and Jorias' eyes beheld something of such beauty as to make him cry out:
O earth, O all of you heavens, how poor you are now before me; for, apart from God, you will never comprise anything more glorious a second time!
O you poor sun, how will you fare tomorrow or when this sun will unveil itself before you?
"No, no, You dear, holy Father, I am surely not worthy of such a gift!"
But the high Abedam replied: "When I consider you worthy, you are so; therefore, receive this gift from My hand, go with her to Adam and Eve, receive their blessing and then also that of your father Jared as well as that of Besela's father, and then come back to Me so that I may ordain you in spirit as a prophet of the stars of all the heavens. Amen."