God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 89 -


After all this had happened and the fathers and mothers had blessed the newly wed, Jorias, following Abedam's previous bidding, with his young, very beautiful wife stepped up to Him.
When he was again before the high Abedam, the Holy One laid His hands first on Jorias and then on Besela and, touching their head and heart, namely, the left side of the breast, spoke the following words:
"Receive My blessing for life eternal! Beget true, living fruits of pure love! Far be from your bodies the dumb gratification connected with the flesh and thus also with sin, and you will truly and faithfully walk before Me at all times. But whoever pampers his flesh, nourishing it excessively and then seeking to please it through all kinds of sensual pleasure, nourishes his own sin and through the lust of the flesh relinquishes all power over him to eternal death.
"Therefore, control your desires at all times, unless it is time to beget a living fruit for Me, however, when it is time, call to Me so that I may hold you lest you fall when sacrificing to sin, and you will remain within My grace.
"For whoever falls then, will find it hard to get up, and with each fall the spirit will be bound in new fetters of death.
"If he then wants to escape from the imprisonment of the flesh, which is the old sin and the old death of the spirit, - how will he fare when, instead of one layer he has to break through several hundred, each of which is tougher than the preceding one!
"So care only for that which is of the spirit; leave the flesh to Me, doing My will in the same so that it becomes powerless and you will at all times grow in the spirit to that degree by which your death diminishes, which is the sin or the flesh.
"Therefore, I tell you again: Do not nourish, strengthen and pamper your flesh, for thereby you nourish, strengthen and pamper your own death, which now as a last dungeon confines the spirit prior to its liberation or resurrection towards full eternal life out of, and in, Me.
"You, My beloved Jorias, have seen the magnitude and sublime ness of what it means to be a child of My love. You have felt the ardor of My fatherly love in all its abundance. So remain faithful to My will; remain faithful to Me, your God; and remain faithful to Me, your holy, most loving Father.
"Whenever the flesh will make unseemly demands on your heart, look up at the stars of heaven, and I shall speak to you from the stars and shall tell you what to do.
"However, if you left this My road which I have just shown you, the heaven before your eyes will be hidden by dense clouds and you will henceforth fail to behold the eloquent stars until you return onto this My road, full of repentance.
"But, if you remain faithful to My will, you will soon begin to perceive the great might of the same within you; for by the very act of fulfilling My will you absorb it and make it your own.
"When then My almighty will becomes your order as it is forever Mine, tell Me, what power of death will be able to subdue you?
"I am giving you all such a commandment that by its fulfillment everyone may adopt the might of My will through which all things have been made and before which all things tremble.
"As long as a person fails to make My will his own, he remain a prisoner of death and a servant of sin, which is the old death.
"However, he who has made My will his own, has become perfect like I, his Father, am and will do the works of life I am doing.
"And whoever has thus come into possession of My will, has attained to the true sonship.
"But who is he who completely possesses My will? - I tell you and all you others: It is he who loves Me!
"And who loves Me? - He who does according to My will; but he who does according to My will has adopted My will as his own.
"This is the true sonship, namely, that everyone is in My will and My will is in him; and this is the true, living fruit of true love and is life eternal.
"This fruit above all you shall beget for Me with your wife. Once you have begotten it you will also beget children going forth from My will, who will fully resemble him who begot them.
"But this is My blessing, namely, that henceforth My will be yours, out of, and in, which you may live forever. Amen.
"Now go to My dear Jared, and Garbiel and Besediel shall come here. Amen."