God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 90 -


As soon as Garbiel and Besediel had been informed by Jorias that the high Abedam summoned them they went to Him, full of courage and persistence.
Having walked up to Him the few steps, Garbiel promptly took the lead and said to the high Abedam (though in a very bent attitude as if weighed down by humility):
"Dear, holy Father! Shall I or Besediel be the first to relate our vision?
"nor one reckon that Besediel should be the first and I the last to relate our respective visions."
He said this because he was not the first to be called up; besides, he had noticed that it was all tending towards a climax. Thus he hoped that, being the very last to relate his vision, he would still be the first and superior to all the others.
But the high Abedam replied to this forward suggestion of Garbiel as follows: "Garbiel, behold, I for One am not of that opinion at all, but I want neither you nor Besediel to relate your visions since they have no general value but have assumed in the meantime a significance applicable to you alone which I shall not reveal to you until tomorrow.
"This, now, is one part in which I, for My part, am unchangeable; but then again I reckon that whenever I call someone, he shall wait and find out what I want from him, and only speak when called upon to do so, but not in a forward manner, as it were dictating to Me what to do.
"Look, I do not like such over eagerness to put oneself forward at all, but I like it all the more when someone humbles himself in that he would rather be the last than the first, rather servant than master, rather the least than the greatest, rather misjudged than overrated and rather a last servant than a first ruler. Behold, this I do like for My part.
"And again I hold that everyone shall be in all true love a true brother to another. For, while he is not that, I for My part cannot be his Father either; however, if I am the alone true Father, I, as the supreme Wisdom, for My part cannot see what differences there should be among My children.
"Or, are there differences in the pure love when it is perfect and out of Me?
"There is indeed a difference between love and love, according to its degree of strength; but by virtue of these differences the brothers have esteem for one another, and the more love one has the humbler he is, the more he wants to be a servant to all.
"Behold, hence I for My part hold that you should humble yourself, realize your error, repent it within after having first filled your heart with true love for Me, the Father, as well as to all the brothers, fathers, children and women; otherwise you, for your part, will not gain much of eternal life.
"You too, Besediel, may do the same. - But you, My dear Sehel, show them the right way. Amen.
"Tomorrow I will give everyone his directions; also the two shall expect them from Me. Amen."
After these words the high Abedam turned to Adam, saying:
"Adam, behold, thus we have fittingly ended the Sabbath; for it is now the middle of the night. So tell all, as they badly need their rest, to retire so as to awaken tomorrow with renewed strength."
And Adam promptly did the Lord's bidding and let Seth's children make the announcement.
When this had been done, a hymn of praise arose from many thousands; after that, Abedam gave them His entire blessing for the night and then said to Adam:
"Since all have gone to their rest, we do not want to make an exception but will do what all the others are doing."
But Adam asked the Lord, saying: "Holy Father, where do You want us to rest with You, - here, or shall we go to my hut?"
And Abedam thereupon said to Adam: "Adam, behold, I have spent many eternities under My open heavens, and so let us also today remain here under the open sky; for the firmament has cleared up and, thus, no storm is coming. So let us stay where we are and as we are; and now go to your rest all of you. Amen."
Thus the richly blessed Sabbath was ended and a solemn, hallowed peace descended upon all the sacred heights of God's children.