God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

THE HOLY OFFER OF GRACE to the Mighty of This Earth

From this see how MY GRACE is accessible to all, that no one is excluded from the NEW JERUSALEM on this earth, and that even the mighty of this earth, who have already been addressed by THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, can still become partakers of MY GRACE if they are willing to become true rulers over the children of men under their control!
I say, THE LORD, this is an unimaginable GRACE for you mighty ones of this earth to escape the inevitable judgment! Recognize this HAND OF GRACE of YOUR GOD AND LORD stretched out to you with all sincerity before it is too late!
Nothing can be saved into THE NEW JERUSALEM but only THE LOVE and its true works!
Keep this before your eyes! For you also know very well where the limits of your power are set; it is all the more foolish to want to break them by force! For it is I THE LORD Who will not let you go beyond these limits and if you try, your power is doomed to failure, no matter on what basis it is built! There is no basis of any power that has a permanent claim before ME, GOD THE LORD! If a power is permitted in MY LOVE, it is only for the sole purpose that My human children should savour the freedom of their will to the full and gather their experiences in order to be able to recognize one day, be it in this or in another earthly life, that MY ALONE HOLY WILL is the highest and most perfect and that freedom of will finds its perfect fulfilment only in the POWER OF LOVE!
So be wise, you mighty ones of this earth! But do not think that I THE LORD tell you this because I need you! Do not be fools to believe such things, for I, THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, do not need anyone! Everyone needs ME and most of all you mighty ones need ME to save your soul! For this soul of yours I want to see saved; therefore I THE LORD give you this advice of MY MERCY! If your power shows no works of true LOVE and you do not now gain insight through this MY NEW BIBLE, then you cannot be saved because you are deeply entangled in the meshes of the JUSTICE LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT, which hold you down like a spider's web after this earthly life, a web of indebtedness that you have spun for yourselves! And no one can free you from this web but I THE LORD through MY GRACE; least of all can you free yourselves from it!
I THE LORD AND ALLMIGHTY tell you that there are former mighty ones of this earth who were almost almighty in their time on earth and are still today, after millennia, entangled in this web of indebtedness because they did not understand and did not call upon MY GRACE in the hardening and obduracy of their hearts and souls!
So MY CALL to you mighty ones of this earth is a HOLY OFFER OF MY GRACE to you, from which you can see that I THE LORD want to mitigate the inevitable JUDGMENT as far as possible, that I truly have no pleasure in this coming judgment, that I want to see you all saved so that you can all enter THE NEW JERUSALEM!
Therefore I advise you not to overstretch the bow of indebtedness and to take hold of MY HOLY ARM! To overstretch the bow of indebtedness through lack of insight means to trigger THE JUDGMENT itself, which then strikes back at its author with undiminished force! But to take hold of MY HOLY ARM means to postpone THE JUDGMENT until MY GRACE can take effect and the whole earth does not become a graveyard for all My human children!
So make up your minds, you who are addressed here, so that MY ARM OF GRACE can take hold of you! I THE LORD can do no more for you now! It is now up to you whether I, YOUR GOD, LORD AND CREATOR, can save your souls or not!
Whoever does not want to enter MY HEAVEN via THE NEW JERUSALEM has only himself to blame with all the consequences! I THE LORD have admonished and warned in MY GRACE and out of the greatest MERCY of MY ETERNAL LOVE!
But he who listens to MY HOLY VOICE, to all the words and commandments in this MY NEW BIBLE and clings to MY HOLY ARM IN WHICH I THE LORD have come again to this earth for the salvation and redemption of the whole human race, will be able to enter into THE NEW JERUSALEM after the great storm surge of MY COUNTERPOLE and will be able to enjoy the
"pure stream of living water, clear as crystal; which proceeded from the throne of God and of the Lamb. "
(John's Revelation 22/1)
which is THE ETERNAL STREAM OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, will not only be able to strengthen and nourish themselves, but will also be able to reap the fruits from the fullness of the ETERNAL ORDER and that means to be provided for without worry by MY HOLY SPIRIT and to be able to do eternal WORKS OF LOVE from the eternal diversity of the same. You will now already be able to recognize this yourselves from the next revelation verse of My John, after I have introduced you to the spiritual language.
"In the midst of their street, on either side of the river, was the wood of life, bearing twelve manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month: and the leaves of the wood were for the health of the Gentiles."
(John's Revelation 22/2)
"The wood of life" is the firmness of the will that has arisen in MY PERFECT HOLY WILL and therefore brings forth the fruit according to MY HOLY PROPERTIES in MY ORDER. "The leaves of the wood" is the outwardly directed will, which serves the "Gentiles for health" by revealing MY GRACE to those CHILDREN OF MY LOVE who have found ME again after the former turning away from ME, whereby they are again completely absorbed in MY HOLY WILL and become MY TRUE CHILDREN!
"And there shall be no more banishment, and the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall serve him."
(John's Revelation 22/3)
This means that no one is excluded from the NEW JERUSALEM and all will serve ME, THE LORD, whereby the word "servant" has nothing to do with a worker in servile service, but denotes a true SON OF MY LOVE, who, looking up to ME, GOD THE LORD, joyfully fulfills MY HOLY WILL for his own salvation!
And the true reward of these servants of Mine in the NEW JERUSALEM will be to be allowed to see MY HOLY COUNTENANCE; they will carry THE SEAL OF THEIR GOD AND LORD visibly on their foreheads, whereby they are so enlightened by ME that in the NEW JERUSALEM, as already once noted, there is no longer any need for sunlight, that everything walks in the LIGHT OF ALL LIGHT, in MY HOLY ETERNAL LIGHT and My true servants reign through ME IN MY PERFECTION from eternity to eternity!
"and see his face, and his name shall be in their foreheads. And there will be no night, and they will not need a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will enlighten them, and they will reign forever and ever."
(John's Revelation 22/4-5)
This reign will not in the least resemble a system of government of this world; because - everyone who is already somewhat enlightened by MY HOLY SPIRIT will be able to imagine this - MY HOLY VOICE will lead everything through My true servants in such a way that neither a parliament nor an election with ballots will be necessary; because MY TRUE CHILDREN in the NEW JERUSALEM have decided in the "absolute majority" only for ME, THEIR GOD, FATHER AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! In this government there will be no unresolved problems; it will be neither a dictatorship nor a democracy, but THE GOVERNMENT OF MY LOVE, so to speak, in which THE WISDOM OF ALL WISDOM reigns: MY ETERNAL PERFECTION as everywhere in MY CREATION!
"And he said to me, These words are certain and true, and God, the Lord of the holy prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.
Behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book."
(John's Revelation 22/6-7)
Thus I THE LORD had shown My John the imminent judgment and the coming of MY NEW JERUSALEM through My Angel of Annunciation Gabriel! And it is an ETERNAL HOLY TRUTH that blessed is he who fulfills MY HOLY WORDS. If you people of this world would show at least this very slightest measure of inner enlightenment, that perfect bliss is connected with the fulfillment of MY HOLY WORD, you would truly act differently than you have done so far and your world would not be a playground for My counterpole and all its manipulating forces and powers!