God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1089 -

"May you withstand the confusion and be fully established in My Son. Amen."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My child My dear child. Please tell Our children the following today: The confusion in your world is great, and many of Our children are lost. They are "attacked" by the evil one who sends his demons worldwide, and the time is hard, for many demons roam your world, seducing those who are gullible and "shaky".

You must strengthen your faith or you will be easy prey for them!

You must be completely secure in Jesus and ask for protection several times a day!

Pray to the Holy Spirit for clarity and guidance and use the prayers We gave you, especially also to St. Michael the Archangel! He is your defender in this time of the end, and He will intervene if you plead with Him!

Do not be deceived!

Do not let yourselves be lied to!

Do not fall into doubt!

All this the evil one uses to gain power over you, and he is cunning, and skillfully USES YOUR WEAKNESSES -WHICH HE KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU YOURSELVES, BECAUSE YOU DON'T CONFESS THEMSELVES (mostly) DON'T CONFESS!!- and leads you astray, into doubt, into fear, into confusion, and all this leads you away from My Son!

You must be faithful to My Son, WITH EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING(!) and NOT give in to temptations! The time is hard, We told you already, but the worst has not begun yet!

So be steadfast and faithful and devoted to My Son! CONSECRATE YOURSELVES TO HIM! A soul that consecrates itself to Jesus, daily and again and again, is PROTECTED! It will be provided with special graces and will remain steadfast!

So consecrate yourselves, beloved children, daily and always to My Son, your Jesus! The instructions, the prayers, you will all find in these messages! Read them carefully and use the prayers We have given you for your salvation and this time. Amen.

Do not be lost, beloved children, for the devil rages, and from nothing does he shrink, but from My Son he can do nothing.

Therefore consecrate yourselves to HIM, beloved children, and consolidate yourselves, your faith, in HIM! No child will be lost who has sincerely and honestly consecrated himself to My Son! Amen.

Examine yourselves, beloved children, for if you have doubts, are confused, feel fear, are pessimistic, depressed, sad and/or full of anger, then you must deepen your faith, give yourselves completely to Jesus, for you are (not yet) solidified in HIM. Amen.

So come, beloved children, come all to Jesus and plead for His help and guidance!

Use the prayers We have given you in these messages!

Do not fall for the temptations of the worldly, for here the devil has set his traps, and faster than you can think, you have fallen into them!

Pray, My children, pray! Your prayer brings you closer and closer to My Son!

Seek out your Holy Places, attend your Holy Masses, and enter into togetherness with My Son!

You must find your joy IN JESUS, but not in the outside! The outside is transient and all too great the danger that the devil catches you.

Therefore be completely with Jesus and worship HIM! Holy Adoration is a gift for all Our children, so use it to fully deepen your "relationship" with HIM, with Jesus.

I, your Holy Mother in Heaven, will always intercede for you, but you too must take the necessary steps to fully establish yourself in Jesus, be steadfast and persevere. Amen.

I love you. Ask, pray and plead for help, for the temptations are all too great in your day. Amen.

In motherly love and with the greatest concern in My heart, I pray for you. May you withstand the confusion and be completely established in My Son. Amen.

With love, Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this known, My child. It is of the utmost importance. Amen.