God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1174 -

"Do not desecrate what is holy! Amen."

Friday, April 14, 2017

My child. My dear child. Your world is in upheaval. Many times We have said this, today We want to explain what is happening.

Deceit and trickery are used by the devil to lead you, beloved children of My Son, on false trails. Never think that it is right to celebrate the holidays in honor of My Son as a "recreational amusement", because that is not the purpose of these festivities.

You desecrate the holiest time, you go about business, shopping and your well-being, but you have little or no time for Jesus, you do not honor Him, you do not remember Him and you degrade His death and resurrection by going about your well-being, your pleasures and business instead of pausing and focusing your life on Him, your Savior!

Your world is upside down, and the devil is laughing up his sleeve! It's easy for him to play with you, who celebrate these Holy Days so unbelievingly and indifferently. Aren't you a little ashamed of yourselves? Do you still think that you will get into the Kingdom of Heaven, although you do NOT HAVE AND/OR SPEND ANY TIME FOR YOUR SAVIOUR on earth?

My children. My so beloved children. Stop and reflect on what is essential! These days are HOLY, and HOLY you must commit them. To those who continue to insist on their well-being, I say: The day will come when you will have to give an account, and what do you have to offer as an excuse for your so indifferent behavior?

Beloved children. Let it be said to you: Whoever does not confess Jesus during his lifetime will "repent." He will have to suffer and/or pay off guilt, and this condition will be painful. Knowing that he acted wrongly, even lived wrongly, will "tear" his soul, but it will not tear, but the pain will remain.

Beloved children. Do not do this oh so cruel suffering to yourselves and sanctify your feast days! Commit them as Jesus shows through His Holy Church and take part in these feasts, because they are HOLY and HONOR My Son. Why should HE defend you, who gave Himself for you, and save you from the abyss, if you dishonor HIM and only take care of your well-being?

Children, be warned! The great day is near, and woe to him who does not repent (!), does not convert (!), does not prepare (!), let it be said to you: your soul will perish, because the promised time will not become yours. Only faithful children will enter HIS New Kingdom, but all others will perish and suffer.

So get ready, My children, and HOLY WHAT IS HOLY! Do not allow the devil to gain power over you by yielding to temptations and dishonor and desecration, but be the rock of steadfastness, be true and faithful children of the Lord. So the great day of joy will also be this one for you, and your soul will rejoice!

Be ready, beloved children, for the time that remains is short, and soon, very soon, events will roll over. Amen.

I love you. Be ready at all times.

Your Mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.