God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-22 -

On March 20, 2023 at Holy Place

Monday, April 17, 2023

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come so that My book(let) may continue to be written by you, My child, by you. The Father has chosen you, so I, your John, will entrust everything to you.

My child. The angel showed Me bad and terrible scenarios, but he always repeated that the children of the end times must pray a lot so that the very worst would be held back. He told Me: John, My son, write what I, the angel of the Father, will now explain to you:

The children of the end times will have much to suffer. All this has come about and become possible because of the great apostasy of people over a very long period of time.

You already saw much aberration, and what the children did to themselves, you saw their (inner) emptiness, and you saw how they filled it not with the Lord, but with perishable things. You saw many abuses, the murder of innocent life and much more, which I do not want to repeat here, but you also saw that there were still praying children, Jesus' faithful children, and you saw how powerful and changing prayer and their supplication was, and how God, Our Lord, watched over them and did not leave them alone. You saw that none of these children were lost, for all of them were lifted up, either to God Himself, that is, to the Kingdom of Heaven, or else to His New Kingdom.

The great apostasy and self-aggrandizement (egoism) of the children of the end times made it possible for the devil to gain more and more power over themselves and the earth, the world, in which they lived. He became more and more influential and placed his henchmen in all influential positions. Thus, he ensured that he gained and eventually had control over everything and everyone.

His henchmen were well rewarded, for he who served him was richly paid and given gifts. His prestige grew, with every further outrage. Thus, more and more of his servants catapulted themselves into a predicament and became very entangled and, if they had wanted to, they could not get out of these satanic clutches.

Also among them, the henchmen, there was greatest suffering, only they had to blame it on themselves, they played the games. However, they were no longer allowed to get out. Many, who wanted it very much, suffered sudden and unexpected cardiac arrests, any kind of fatal accidents or died of 'diseases'. Behind all this, however, was the Prince of Darkness, for he had used his 'tormentors of men' in all areas of your world order.

He finally moved into the Holy Church, the Church of Jesus. This also happened before the time of the end times. Skillfully and cunningly, he not only hides his 'human tormentors' there, but thus also has the scepter over the Jesus-loving children in his hand. Step by step he changes 'things' that should not have been changed. The Word, the celebrations of Mass, omitted prayers.... It is a list that grows longer and longer, and the great deceit and the greatest deception can succeed here through this so fabulously satanic move of him (the devil): To mislead the children of the true Lord, Jesus Christ, so that they will ALL be lost and not find their way into the Lord's eternity. Here God the Father explains to me now: And there, My child, the children of the earth (you) are currently (nowadays). Therefore, My son, you must publish the book that I am showing and explaining to you only towards the end of time. If this were done at an earlier time, the children of the end times would not know that they are children of the end times!

This is what the Holy Angel told Me, My child. I did not understand the world anymore.

I was convinced that with the great act of love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the world would become a better one, and now the Holy Angel showed Me all this and explained it to Me. When, I asked Myself, would be that time, and how, I asked Myself, would I be able to announce it then. But the angel spoke soothing words to Me, and so I kept everything in My heart.

Still I did not know what the angel would ask Me at the end of the completion of the booklet.

My child. Tell all this to the children of the earth, for the time is now of which the Holy Angel spoke.

I, your John, ask this of you, and I, your John, will come again to instruct you further. Stay strong.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.