God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-40 -

Part 3, Message from John, on May 8, 2023 at Holy Place

Thursday, May 25, 2023

On May 08, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, have come here to you to communicate the following to you and to the children of the earth of the end times today.

My child. The Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator instructed Me to make known at the end of time what has been said here. This, My child, I do through you. He told Me: 'John, My beloved son, what I am about to tell you is destined for the end of time. Keep it in your heart and do not make it known until the end of time.' He then showed Me the following, saying: 'John, My beloved son. These angels that you see, with their bowls, do not only carry pestilence in them. Each bowl contains something different, and good to him who does not have to experience it!'

The angels with the bowls held them filled to the brim before them. They were careful not to spill anything. It looked to Me as if they were filled with liquid, but in that kind of liquid I saw 'critters', I saw fire, I saw disease, I saw, like, a kind of stone hail pieces, and I saw lava flows, volcanic eruptions, I saw, like, a kind of solar wind roaring, storms, and I saw, on the earth now, 'stuff', heavy things, flying away. I saw floods, a lot of water I saw flooding the earth, the land, I saw a lot of fire burning a lot of things. I saw lava flows from erupting volcanoes threatening the earth's inhabitants and the land, and I saw these hot, fiery burning rivers spreading on the land, in villages, houses and where people were. I saw the sun spinning and many winds igniting. I saw many, many catastrophes, whole parts of earth and coast, how they broke off and disappeared in the water, as if swallowed up in the sea, and I saw how after many, many catastrophes there suddenly came a great silence and calm, as if nothing had happened, but the devastations were great, although in an appearance as if they had always been there, there where the water had already appropriated pieces of earth. I also saw cities, countries and large parts of the earth that had fallen to the fires, that had been devastated by the winds, where also many people had not survived and had perished in these catastrophes. I saw that for the first time all your technology lay fallow, this had something to do with the solar winds, I believe, your John and yours, have understood.

I saw the survivors in shock. Never had they thought such devastation was possible. They had been preceded by many, many plagues of all kinds and pestilences, and they all brought disease, and the plagues also brought destruction of crops, yields. It was terrible. The people suffered. Especially those who had no faith in God. The others pleaded to the Lord. Those who had faith in God understood. Those who were prepared understood.

The plagues spared no one. They spread everywhere. There were no safe places from them. Children, children, you think you can hoard and stock up, but be told that NOTHING is protected from these plagues!

Only your trust in God will help you, only your deep trust in God Almighty will help you!

My child. The Father will leave you, who are faithful, NEVER alone! Know this!

I saw greatest misery on your earth. The angels with the bowls poured out their plagues, pestilences, winds, storms, disasters, fires, etc. one after another on your earth where you live.

So be afraid of God's omnipotence, for it is His chastisements that will strike very many, and good to him who is completely with Jesus and firmly anchored in HIM!

My child. The angels with the bowls do not bring good to the children of the earth. The Father chastises His children who have gone astray, and His holy angels are ready. The faithful children will be spared, although it will be a difficult time. Your faith and trust will be severely tested.

I will tell you more, also about the angels with their bowls, for many things are yet to be told.

So believe and trust and pray much. The Father does not leave His faithful children alone.

Many signs will be given to you so that you can remain hopeful and joyful. You must keep your hope. Strengthen yourselves. I have already told you how to do this.

Be ready, beloved children.

Your John and yours. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

John continued speaking, "My child. Make this known. The angels with the bowls are ready. I will show you more. Amen. Write what you saw:


I saw the sun begin to rotate, faster and faster, counterclockwise, and winds arose. First smaller ones (around the sun), then bigger ones, then they expanded more and more. I saw cars and all sorts of things on the earth being caught by the winds and flung away. They flew up and away. I saw how by this solar phenomenon the electronic, or technical devices, computers, etc. did not function any more. Nothing at all of what is normal here for us today that is electronically powered in any way.

I also saw the volcanoes and fires, etc., especially water and the demolition of parts of the coast, the hail of stones: The earth opened up in many places, and these stones fell down and hail fell down, and everything that was there flew into it.

I saw much burned, and I saw balls of fire flying like hail, or balls of hail, on the earth.

But most of the dead I saw 'engulfed' by earth and water or washed away or carried away or destroyed by lava, etc., no fields of corpses, although there were some lying there too.

Especially the townspeople were distressed, everyone was shocked. The faithful knew that the end was near.... 'That's how it is, My child. You also saw the angels and the bowls of fire embers, and what I had described.' Yes. And that nothing was safe from the 'critters' and the plagues. They 'ate away' everything, even the stock of great silos, it seemed to me.... 'So it is, My child. Your John. Amen'