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- Chapter 1444 -

Do Not Forget the Young Generation!

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Message of July 7, 2024

Mother of God: My child. Difficult times are coming, (Jesus: ) but do not fear, My beloved children, for I, your Jesus, will be with all those who truly and sincerely and honestly, and in love trusting in Me, love, honor, pray to Me and follow My teaching, as well as the commandments of the Father, God Most High, even if it looks as if you, as the only ones and all alone, are swimming against the current, against the ravages of time, 'fighting', and (you) seem to be on the fringes of society as 'outsiders', (Our Lady: ) yet, My beloved children that you are, it is not so, for My Son, your Jesus, has called so many of you, and it is you who are called to uphold, live and pass on His Holy Teaching, His True Teaching, the only True One.

Jesus: You are many, My beloved children, disciples of the modern age, of the present time, of the end times, for more and more are converting, and young people in particular, so many young people among you, see the hopelessness into which your society has slipped - consciously(!)-, and they are searching for the truth, they are searching for Me, so you must remain strong, beloved children, steadfast, faithful and honest, so that they may continue to find the way to Me, their Jesus.

My child. It is the young generation that is beginning to search for Me again.

Your society has reached a point of hopelessness. The young generation recognizes this, but so many do not know about Me, about their Jesus, and lose themselves in drugs, in alcohol, in depression, in hopelessness. This also happens to those who are older and do not put Me, their Jesus, first in their lives, or do not include Me in their lives at all or only barely.

A person without hope usually goes astray and it hurts Me, your Jesus, very much to see how many go astray and/or slip into miserable situations just because they do not know Me, their Jesus.

That is why, beloved children, it is so important that you remain strong and steadfast and tell your young generation about Me AGAIN. They, the young people, must get to know Me, their Jesus, and they will only do so if you remain strong and steadfast and honest in My teaching and the Father's commandments, if you LIVE them, if you TRANSMIT them!

The ravages of time are the path to futility, the path to hopelessness, as well as to slavery, communism and dictatorship, beloved children that you are. Your young generation recognizes this more and more, and it is of extraordinary importance that they in particular get to know Me, their Jesus, again, because so easily, so simply, they too slip into a system which only brings prosperity = well-being to a small number of people, which they really believe they have to strive for in order not to end up in poverty and misery, and it is precisely because of this that a great emptiness, an inner emptiness, also remains in them, which, as in this generation, will lead to aberration if they do not get to know Me, their Jesus.

Children, children, it is so extremely important to tell them, the children, the young people, about Me, to teach them and to bear witness!

They are the generation that can and will bring about so much change if they find their way back to Me, their Jesus. The ones responsible for this are you, parents, grandparents and relatives and family friends!

Give them this gift so that they can fully unfold to Me and with Me and bring about positive changes! A whole generation that is with Me, firmly anchored in Me, their Jesus, will not go astray and will not be lost. But those who do not know Me will soon have a rude awakening when the hard and dark times begin, and your young generation is hungry for Me! So tell them about Me and lead them to Me so that they will not be lost and the time of the end will be softened and positively changed through their faith in Me. Amen.

I love you very much. Bear witness to Me, to My Mother, and lead them to Me, lead them to My Mother. Amen.

Please make this known. It is very urgent. Do not forget the young generation. They thirst for Me. Amen.

Your and yours Jesus, with Mary, the Father, the Holy Spirit and many Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints of the Communion of Saints present. Amen.

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