God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 34 -


After this mental soliloquy Hored rose and, courageously stepping up to Abedam, wanted to express loudly his gratitude before all the patriarchs; but Abedam, anticipating him, said to him:
"Hored, do you think I failed to hear the silent speech of your heart? - Do not harbor such thoughts!
"Behold, only when you saw that Naeme was for you as good as lost did you turn inwardly and were able to turn to Me.
"You certainly turned to Me in justice and in truth, - but your turning back was futile; for at the end of your inner discourse you asked Me in the agitation of your heart to punish him who has anyway to be punished, with fire, poison and scorpions rather than with the likes of Naeme, - and expressed your wish that I might one day be through with punishing.
"Look, such entreaties show very little love for Me and for the fellowman.
"Even though you were prompted by the full truth, this is nevertheless of little value for your life unless it is coupled with love.
"I tell you: I would have liked you better had you wept for Naeme; for then you would have shown Me that your heart is full of love, - only its direction being wrong; however, this could be easily rectified.
"As things are, you showed Me open eyes, but a closed heart. Yet the eyes are not equipped to receive life, but solely the heart. And behold, exactly that which ought to be alive in you is dead.
"Your thought is only half true since it is devoid of love. If it had love in it, it would certainly have chosen a different way out. As if I, the Father, only took pleasure in punishing! How foolish!
"Mistaking My eternal order of the most sublime and pure love as punishment, you entreat Me, saying: 'Be done with punishing!'
"Behold, what would become of the created beings if I were to grant your foolish request?
"So that you may fully realize your foolishness I will grant your request by using the old, mightily tall and strong cedar yonder.
"Well, what do you say? Where is now the mighty tree? Look, not the slightest trace of it is left.
"Do you now see where the granting of your wish would lead the created beings, and do you also realize your great folly and how much of true life is within you?
"I should punish you with fire, poison and scorpions rather than with the likes of Naeme? - Behold, it is true that I gave woman to man so as to humble him since I knew from eternity how matters were standing with the lonesome heart of man.
"Only in this respect - and only by half - could woman be considered a small punishment, directed at the proud heart of man. However, must not he who thinks only a little further soon realize that exactly this apparent means of punishment is a very great, indeed one of the most important, means for the attainment of the true, perfect, most blissful, eternal life in Me?
"Behold, I have been saying it more than a thousand times that only the love for Me and thus also for the brother and sister leads to eternal life, since the primordial-eternal fundamental Life of all life, which is in Me, is in its whole, sacred, boundless expansion nothing but pure love.
Therefore, not having love, from where is life for you supposed to come?
"For how, and whereby, shall he live who does not accept in his heart Me, Who alone is life?
"I am eternal love Myself; therefore, does not the heart of him who is without love also stand before Me devoid of life?
"But go back now and ponder over who first teaches the heart of the child love through love, who first rouses the heart for love and life.
"Who nourishes the weak infant with her own breast? Who gave you the first nourishment and carried you on tender, soft hands from death into your early life? - Behold your mother, you fool!
"However, when, as a youth, you became aware of your masculinity and wanted to rise proudly as though called to contemptuously crush the sun, the moon and all the stars, thus scattering yourself into eternal oblivion, - who met you then, who stirred your heart to love and life within you, - who was the first to lead you back into your own sphere of life, - who taught you afresh about the love once taught by your mother and later forgotten?
"Tell Me, who was the angel who with its whole being in a loud voice called out to you: 'Hored, love, love, love - and live; but love in purity, love in God, and live in God, live for me and do not knock at the gate of death!'?
"Behold, here at My feet this angel is resting and loving, the one whom you want to exchange for fire, poison and scorpions; behold, it is Naeme!
"Now go and repent of your foolishness; and when you feel love in your heart, yes, I tell you, a mighty, strong love for Me, your holy, good, most loving Father, then rise and come back so that I may bless you with eternal life. Amen."