God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 101 -

What you have declared as important in your world has no value before Our Father....

Monday, April 15, 2013

My child. My dear child. Sit with Me, and listen to Me: That which you have declared important in your world has no value whatsoever before Our Father, God Most High, nor before My Son, Jesus Christ.

Of the teachings of My Son, which HE exemplified and gave to you 2000 years ago, hardly anything is left in this world in which you live, because power, greed, money and immorality is not what HE offered to you and will never be approved by His Father, God Most High.

My Son gave His life for all of you who are here, for those who were here before you and for those who will come after you, but what is this gift that God the Father gave you through Jesus worth in your world today? So far have you drifted away that you no longer know how to understand the teachings of My Son. You accuse and cry out for renewal, adaptation to your wretched life in which (almost) nothing is sacred to you anymore.

What is left of My Son, who loves you so much, in your world and in your hearts? His Divine Body desecrated and pushed away, His Holy Church eaten up by the enemy from within!

A "beautiful" world you have created for yourselves, which is afflicted with unhappiness, sadness and depression. Cold hearts make it to power among you, and so many of you cheer them, wanting to go there yourselves, not seeing how far from the Divine path they are.

My children, it is a shame to live like this, shameful is your world today. An insult to God the Father, who created you with such love. How can you be so cold, rejecting love and delighting in your shameful deeds, a life marked by power, sex, money and greed?

Finally open your hearts and turn your backs on this "lottery life"! Start walking again on the paths of God, because only in this way will you reach Eternal Life in peace, only in this way will the mercy of God be granted to you through My Son, only in this way will you escape the snares of Satan and receive eternal peace as your reward.

Wake up, My children, wake up! Whoever does not confess to My Son will never reach the gates of heaven, whoever does not give his YES to My Son, HE will not be able to save him, because your free will was given to you to decide for yourselves, and should it (SPAN)(note: "the free will")(/SPAN) also not be directed against God, your Father, HE nevertheless respects the decision of everyone.

Wake up, then, My beloved children, and run to Jesus, My Son! I will gladly help you to find Him, and the joy in My heart is great when My children call upon Me.

I, your Mother in Heaven, promise each one of you that I will help and lead you to My Son, if that is what you want.

Ask Me and I will lead you. So be it.

Your loving Mother in Heaven.