God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 69 -


When Purhal and all the others had heard these words from Abedam they almost lost the power of speech so that there was hardly anyone except Enoch and Adam who would have dared direct a single word to Abedam despite the fact that Abedam looked at all the children in great friendliness as the alone true, good and most loving Father.
"For almost everyone thought in his heart: 'He certainly looks indescribably kind; but can He be trusted? For in the flick of a moment He has seized one by the innermost core of one's life! All this is certainly true, - but what does it all benefit us? Who can dodge Him?
"He surely has the best of intentions towards everyone, - if only He did not aim at the greatest purity one could still hold one's own before Him; but the purity, the purity, it is something horrible!
"If this is lacking, that is, in the truest sense of the word, one cannot approach Him with a clear conscience; for He does not overlook even the slightest fault in the heart.
"What is there to be done? Him, no one can change, - in eternity He will remain the same, as pure and holy as He is now; so one has to obey.'"
But Abedam, well aware of these thoughts in the children, turned to Purhal and asked him:
"Purhal, tell Me whether I maybe chopped your head off when I, with the gentlest words, instructed you and with the greatest care cleansed you so that you and all others might soon become ready to receive the eternal, freest love and life out of Me!
"Tell Me: Has ever your physical father handled you with the same forbearance as I am doing now?
"Show Me the father among you who had not diligently wielded the sometimes very painful rod over his children.
"Behold, you know of none; for you have been a father yourself for a long time and know how you have brought up your children.
"But now tell Me with what rod I have now come to you? Who has succumbed to My beatings?
"Behold, I educate, teach and liberate you with nothing else but My supreme, exceedingly true fatherly love, and you say in your hearts that I cannot be trusted.
O you more than blind people! If, thus, I cannot be trusted, I Who am the most true, faithful, loving, gentle and patient Father to you all, - in whom else can and will you then trust?
"If you feel uneasy and frightened with Me, the most pure and holy Father, Who am filled with the best, truest and most honest fatherly intentions out of My eternal, most selfless love for you, how must you be feeling towards one another, you who are, compared with Me, full of evil and bad tricks, to become so utterly discouraged because I rectified a fault in Purhal's heart?
"O you blind ones! Before Me, the eternally alone living Father, you tremble and are full of fear when I raise you to Me and thus from death to eternal life;
"But the world, which is as such nothing but a mere death, does not instill any fear into your heart!
"Oh behold, how full of wrong thinking you still are!
"Who begot you to be afraid of Him Whom you should only love above all? Whereas with that which you shall fear and avoid with all your strength you fill your hearts quite comfortably!
"Purhal, tell Me, what evil did I do to you by cleansing you out of My great love for you?
"Do you know what life is and how it must be constituted for eternal and infinite duration?
"Behold, no created spirit knows this but I, the infinite, eternal Master of all Life, do! If I, as your holy, most loving Father, am now perfecting you Myself for this, to you, forever unfathomable life in Me, driving and taking from you all that belongs to death, Purhal, how can it at all enter your mind and that of all the others - that I could not be trusted?
"Tell Me, if I did not want to help you, who else could possibly help you from death to life?
"In order for Me to help you is it not right and proper that even your most secret thoughts and desires are, and necessarily must be, revealed to Me in all clarity so that I can at all times come to your aid whenever you are approached by a deadly danger?
"Tell Me, Purhal, should I be unworthy of your trust because of this?"
At this question they all began to sob and weep, and Adam himself wept loudly like a child and then said, deeply moved by My great fatherly love:
"O You holy, dear Father, only now do I realize how infinitely good you are!
"Where is he who should not be able to love You above all, all, all?
"Oh do forgive us blind ones this great injustice just done to You by us all!"
And Abedam replied: "O little children, be calm and without care, for none of you who are now at My bosom will be lost; for I, Eternal Life Itself, am in your midst averting all danger of death from you.
"But whenever I should reprimand someone as I did Purhal, do not ever lose your trust in Me but remember in your hearts that it is I, your good, holy Father, Who do this!
"Little children, do understand this well for all future and eternity! Amen."